Advertising with a Conscience

The ASCI Code for Self-Regulation has been drawn up by people in professions and industries in or connected with advertising, in consultation with representatives of people affected by advertising and has been accepted by individuals, corporate bodies and associations engaged in or otherwise concerned with the practice of advertising with the following as basic guidelines with a view to achieve the acceptance of fair advertising practices in the best interests of the ultimate consumer:

Honest Representations
Honest Representations

Truthful and Honest to consumers and competitors.

Non-Offensive to public
Non-Offensive to Public

Within the bounds of generally accepted standards of public decency and propriety.

Against harmful products / situations
Against Harmful Products/Situations

Not used indiscriminately for the promotion of products, hazardous or harmful to society or to individuals particularly minors, to a degree unacceptable to society at large.

Fairness in Competition
Fair in Competition

Not derogatory to competition.
No plagiarism.

Automotives & Safety
Automotives   &  Safety

Advertisers are encouraged to depict advertisements, in a manner which promotes safe practices, eg wearing of helmets and fastening of seatbelts, not using mobiles/cell phones when driving, etc.

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Educational Institutions
Educational Institutions

Parents are known to make great personal sacrifices to enable their children to get the right education. A significant amount of advertising activity that is currently happening reflecting the vast variety of educational programs which are being offered.

Foods & Beverages for Children
Foods & Beverages

Advertising can have a positive influence by encouraging a healthy, well balanced diet, sound eating habits and appropriate physical activity. Caution and care therefore should be observed in advertising of Foods & Beverages especially ones containing relatively high Fat, Sugar and Salt.

Disclaimers in  an advertisement
Disclaimers in an Advertisement

“Supers” should be clearly legible and on TV advertisements should be held long enough for the full message to be read by an average viewer on a standard domestic TV set. Therefore following minimum size of lettering of “Supers” and its holding time on screen for TV advertisements is required.


New Formats for Complaints and Responses

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